Another Tesla Model Y body with space for a structural battery pack spotted at Giga Texas

More evidence has been spotted at Giga Texas that Tesla could begin Model Y production with structural battery packs.

During a drone flyover of the factory on Friday by Joe Tegtmeyer, another Model Y test car was spotted outside the factory.

While this is not an unusual sight at Giga Texas, this test body has a gaping hole underneath it where the floor should usually be.

Instead the floor will be added with the installation of a structural battery pack, to which the seats will attach directly to it, as seen at Giga Berlin last year.

This is yet another sign that when Tesla gets the go ahead to begin Model Y production, they will feature structural battery packs with 4680 cells.

Supporting the theory, Tesla updated the Model Y owner’s manual this week to include reference to the new feature, hinting that it could be in production at Giga Texas very soon.

Tesla 4680 battery cell production line equipment arrives at Giga Texas

Long lines of 4680 battery cell production equipment has also been spotted inside the factory. Even if this equipment is not up and running yet, Tesla has previously said their pilot production facility on Kato Road has enough capacity to scale Model Y production at Giga Texas.

The Model Y test body was not the only interesting sighting made by Tegtmeyer on Friday. The drone operator also spotted two trucks delivering four Cedinsa modular paint components for the Paint Shop.

You can watch the full drone flyover below.


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