Giga Texas receives more 4680 battery cell production equipment

In December the first production equipment for Tesla’s new 4680 battery cell was seen inside Giga Texas.

After a short break for Christmas, Tesla is wasting no time bringing in more with another batch of equipment arriving at the factory this morning.

Captured once again by Giga Texas drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer, a large piece of 4680 production equipment was moved inside the third floor of factory.

From these images we can see Tesla is using a modular method of construction with this 4680 production equipment, similar to what they are doing with Superchargers.

The individual pieces are assembled off-site, then brought to the factory and connected to create the production line.

Even though some equipment has already been installed, and more is coming, the first Model Ys rolling off the production line at the new facility will likely feature the current 2170 cells.

The latest rumour is that production will begin this week. Tesla has reportedly already sent Austin-made Model Ys for crash and other validation testing, and is already driving some Model Ys inside the factory.

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