Model X owner in China to apologize and pay damages to Tesla for defamation

Tesla Model X in China courtesy of The Road Show

Tesla often faces negative publicity, some of which is fabricated. Some of the accusations come from the company’s own customers, and one of them in China has been ordered to apologize and pay damages for defaming Tesla.

Tesla is not a perfect company and has shortcomings. However, the company will take anyone that tries to tarnish its reputation with lies before the court, as Model X owner Mr. Wen has discovered.

Tesla trademarks Giga Beer and Giga Bier

The outcome of Tesla’s defamation case against Mr. Wen is that he apologizes in a local paper, and pay RMB 10,000 (~$1,880CAD/$1,413USD) in compensation for damages.

Mr. Wen alleged his Model X suddenly dropped speed from 100 km/h to 60 km/h on a trip. He told the media the car’s brake failed and endangered his life. Mr. Wen demanded a refund and compensation from Tesla after posting several videos on Douyin, a Chinese social media network, as reported by CnEvPost.

However, Mr. Wen’s statements contained inconsistencies. For instance, he claimed Tesla never contacted him, but Tesla provided evidence it did.

The company also offered to inspect the vehicle in view to repair it. However, Mr. Wen declined the offer.

Earlier this year, another Chinese Tesla owner admitted fabricating facts in a brake failure case.

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