Has Tesla increased the range of the 2021 Model X? Monroney sticker says yes [Update]

It looks like Tesla has made a change to the latest builds of the Model X to increase its range.

When a new car is delivered to a customer in the US, a Monroney Sticker is required by law to be displayed somewhere in the vehicle. The sticker lists official information about the car, including its fuel economy.

Drive Tesla recently reported that Tesla had already begun manufacturing 2021 model year vehicles in Fremont. Now it appears those 2021 builds of the Long Range Plus (LR+) Model X may also have an increased range.

According to TMC forum member ColdWeatherEV, he just took delivery of a 2021 Model X over the weekend with a VIN of 308XXX. There were no visual differences to the car, but the Monroney sticker now shows the range as being 371 miles (597km). That is a 20 mile (32km) increase from the current range listed on both Tesla’s Design Studio and EPA Fuel Economy website.

2021 Model X Monroney Sticker
Image via TMC

Even though the sticker shows the increased range, the new owner reports the onboard computer is still calculating the max range as 351 miles. That likely means there will soon be a software update to unlock the additional range, much like the automaker has done in the past.

UPDATE: Tesla hacker @greentheonly recently noticed a new “efficiency package”: SX2020H2 that was added to the source code of the 2020.20 software update back in June. Could Tesla soon be turning this feature on to add more range?

The EPA fuel economy website does not have the 2021 model listed in its database. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any updates on either the EPA website or Tesla’s Design Studio that officially announce the change.

This change follows a price adjustment from late last night on the Model S, which saw the LR+ drop by $6,000 CAD.

If you’ve received a 2021 Model X with a similar sticker, let us know in the comments below or send an email to tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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