Tesla extends referral perks for Model S/X purchases indefinitely

Tesla has extended its referral program perks for Model S and Model X purchases indefinitely, giving buyers the opportunity to save money and get a free trial of Full Self-Driving (FSD). Existing owners who refer the buyer also get an increased number of credits.

Previously a Model S/X purchase would get both the referrer and the buyer 3,500 credits. Starting on June 2 however only the referrer would earn credits, with the amount increasing substantially to 20,000. While the buyer would no longer receive credits, they would instead receive C$1,300/US$1,000 off their purchase price, plus a three month trial of FSD.

According to the fine print, and the Loot Box support page on Tesla’s website, the offer was only good for orders placed on or before June 30, 2023. That date has now come and gone, and the upgraded perks have remained in place in the mobile app. Tesla has also updated their website to extend the offer with no mention of an end date.


What is interesting with this buyer perk of the FSD trial is that FSD is currently unavailable on newly built Model S/X vehicles. That is because they are equipped with Hardware 4 (HW4), and Tesla has not yet released a version of FSD beta that supports the new and upgraded hardware. Tesla has not officially announced anything in regards to HW4 specs or capabilities, but this past weekend the first HW4 equipped vehicles were updated on to the same branch as FSD Beta, 2023.20.7. According to owners who received the update, FSD Beta was not activated, but it is a promising sign that Tesla is getting closer to deploying the feature to these cars.

Have you already received a Model S/X that you purchased under this program? Has Tesla communicated when you will receive your free trial of FSD? Let us know in the comments below.

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