Tesla opens new Model 3 specific Service Centre in California

In an effort to apparently streamline service and repairs for Tesla vehicles, the California-based automaker recently opened a new Model 3 specific Service Centre in Santa Ana, California.

The new Service Centre will work alongside the existing Service Centre just a few minutes away in Costa Mesa, which will now only service Model S and Model X vehicles.

The news was sent out to potentially impacted customers and shared to Twitter via @InElonWeTrust.

While some may see this as a segmentation of lower and upper end vehicles being sent to different Service Centres, there are a number of possible benefits to this kind of service approach.

Since those Tesla employees will only be working on particular models, they will become well versed in the intricacies of each vehicle. This could result in quicker diagnosis of problems, and quicker service overall.

Time will tell if Tesla rolls out this new approach to other markets. It would most likely happen where there is both the number of owners in the vicinity to warrant separate Service Centres, but also have those Service Centres close enough together to easily cater to all customers.


h/t [Tesmanian]

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