Tesla Model S range boosted to 658km based on latest Monroney sticker

Model S

Tesla has once again found a way to boost the range of its flagship sedan after a new Monroney sticker was found on a recently built Model S.

Earlier this year the EPA updated the range of the Long Range Plus Model S to 391 miles (629km). CEO Elon Musk challenged the number, saying the government agency mistakenly left the door open overnight, depleting the battery by 2% and reducing the range.

In June the EPA re-certified the Model S for 402 miles (649km), making it the market leader for range in an electric vehicle (EV).

Now based on a new Monroney sticker found on a recently built Model S and sent to Electrek, Tesla has been able to squeeze out even more range, with the Model S now rated for 409 miles (658km).

It is still unclear how the new range was achieved by the automaker. The likely reason is due to optimizations of the hardware and software in the vehicle, something which Tesla is well known to do.

With the new range, the Model S is now back in front of the not-yet-released base model Lucid Air, which is claimed to have a range of 406 miles (653km). It is scheduled to be released in late 2021. Unless Lucid makes some improvements before then, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Tesla is able to further their range lead by the time the base model Lucid Air hits the market.

This isn’t the first time a new range has been discovered on a Monroney sticker. Last month a Model X owner noticed an increased range on his newly delivered car, increasing 21 miles (33km) to 371 miles (597 km).

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