Tesla Model S glass sunroof flies off mid-drive after third-party glass replacement [Video]

A Tesla Model S owner in China had a heart-stopping moment this weekend as his glass sunroof came flying off while driving down the highway.

The entire incident was caught on the dashcam of a car driving behind the Tesla and posted to the China social media site Weibo (via @Stultus /Twitter). In the video, a black Model S passes the car with the dashcam on the right at a high rate of speed. Moments later, a large dark object is seen flying off the Tesla and towards the camera, narrowly missing the car and others around it.

The Model S then slows down, coming to a stop on the side of the highway. As the car with the dashcam passes, we can see what appears to be the glass sunroof missing from the Tesla.

After the video hit social media, Tesla China’s customer support account responded, saying they have already contacted the owner of the car to help “solve the problem as soon as possible.” The post goes on further to give a likely reason, saying it had just undergone a glass roof replacement at a “third-party authorized sheet spray center.”

The incident is still under investigation.

Tesla Customer Support Weibo
Image via @28delayslater /Twitter

This mishap follows a similar story from just a few months ago. In that case, a Model Y owner was heading home after taking delivery of his brand new car, when his glass roof also came flying off while driving down the highway.

While that incident can likely be attributed to a manufacturing defect, this latest incident in China appears to be the result of poor workmanship by a third-party company.

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