Tesla Model S deliveries with updated features to start next week

After a brief pause earlier this week to add a few new features, the Model S production line at Fremont is back up and running.

Tesla has already started shipping out the electric sedan with new taillights, headlights, and charge port design after a car carrier loaded with several Model S cars was spotted today in California by TMC forum member JayTee427.

Along with those new features, the Plaid also has the new emblem on the rear trunk that we first shared with you earlier this week.

One other change on this car is that the rear appliqué (trim piece between the taillights) is now black, or at least has stayed black like the previous generation.

We say that because several test cars that have recently been spotted with the new taillights have had trim pieces that match the colour of the body of the vehicle, a move which was met with almost universal criticism from Tesla fans.

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Drive Tesla has also seen photos today of a different car carrier loaded with five other new Model S sedans, so this is not an isolated sighting, so we expect to see the first deliveries of Model S sedans with all these new features this week.

However, this other car carrier also had at least one Model S with the old taillights and old Plaid badge, so if you are expecting a delivery soon, you aren’t guaranteed to receive the new features.

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