Tesla updates Model S and Model X Plaid badging to (almost) return to launch day design

When Tesla held the special Model S Plaid delivery event last year, the first few cars handed over to their new owners included a special Plaid badge.

We didn’t know at the time it was going to be limited to those launch day deliveries. It wasn’t until the first “regular” deliveries started taking place soon after that we saw the simple P L A I D lettered badge seen on prototypes was going to be standard.

It appears as though Tesla has had a change of heart, and is going to back to the launch day badging, but with a slightly different design.

According to the Tesla Owners Easy Bay Club, all new Model S and Model X Plaid will now come with a “slightly more flush & smooth” Plaid badge. We can also see the design has changed slightly with more vertical lines.

You can clearly see the differences between the two badges, and that the new version will be much easier to keep clean without all the nooks and crannies found on the original.

It also looks as though the change has already production. Ride The Lightning podcast host Ryan McCaffrey confirmed the change, adding that he saw a photo of the Model X production line from the weekend, and the cars in the image had the new badge.

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