Tesla hints at new upcoming changes to Model S and X in latest software update

Looking behind the curtain can often reveal some interesting things. If you were to do that with Tesla’s latest 2020.4 software update, you would find some hints about possible upgrades coming to the Model S and Model X lineup.

According to well-known Tesla hacker @greentheonly, he was able find evidence of potential upgrades including a built-in wireless Qi charger (similar to the Model 3 wireless charger), two new battery types of unknown size (85kW?), new seats, a new charge port type, and a new suspension.

The hacker also noted that the Model 3 could be in store for some new premium “Yangfen” seats.

Both the S and the X are in need of a refresh, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has thus far been quiet about potential updates coming to the car. There is of course the expected Plaid powertrain to arrive later this year, which was tested at Germany’s Nürburgring last year in an attempt to beat the lap record held by the Porsche Taycan EV.

A new charge port would also be a welcomed addition. In some markets, like China, Tesla vehicles come with a dual charge port. In Canada, we only get the Tesla charge port, and have to purchase a very pricey CHAdeMO adapter to access those chargers. There is no CCS charging adapter (yet), but as it is becoming the major charging option, if Tesla could incorporate that charge port for North American vehicles it would give Tesla owners many more options to charge their vehicles.

Tesla China Model 3 charge ports

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