Model S Long Range and Plaid hit Tesla’s existing inventory across the US

Even though customers who placed orders earlier this year are still waiting for their deliveries, the refresh Model S has landed on the existing inventory section of Tesla’s website and are available for delivery within days.

Both the Long Range (LR) and Plaid variants are appearing in multiple cities across the US. According to Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt, he was able to place an order for a Model S Plaid in the NY Metro area and within minutes had a delivery date for this weekend, August 28, 2021.

Merritt was able to find Model S inventory in Chicago, Orlando, NY Metro, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Atlanta and Phoenix. Others have been able to find inventory, including the LR Model S in other cities like Seattle, Houston, and even as far away as Hawaii.

After being surprised to be able to place an order for one, Merritt asked a Tesla Advisor why he was able to place an order for a brand new refresh Model S when so many people still waiting for their delivery.

The Advisor had no answer, but it is expected these could be units that were declined by other customers at delivery.

Canadian reservation holders are still waiting for the first deliveries to begin north of the border. According to multiple customers who have been in contact with Drive Tesla, their accounts are currently showing estimated delivery dates in mid to late September.

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