How to fix Model S and X charge port clicking sound caused by recent software update

If you own a Model S or a Model X and have recently been experiencing strange clicking sounds when charging your vehicle, you are not alone.

The loud clicking sound first started after the 2020.44.25 software update, and is also present for owners on the more recent 2020.48.10 software update. Here are two videos of the clicking sound.

If you are experiencing this issue, the good news is there are two temporary fixes until a permanent fix is released soon.

The first fix recommended by Tesla Canuck is to simply open and close the rear door, which stops the annoying sound. The other fix recommended by Tesla Service is to turn off scheduled charging until the next software release.

Based on a conversation by Drive Tesla reader Mark (@DaSayHeyKID) and Tesla Service, that next software update, 2020.48.12 will be deployed soon.

Tesla Service clicking sound
Image via @DaSayHeyKID /Twitter

Let us know in the comments below if you are experiencing a similar issue, and if you have any other temporary fixes.

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