Mercedes EQS gets first drag race against Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, and Audi e-tron GT [Video]

Image via carwow /YouTube

Much has been said about the new Mercedes Benz EQS electric sedan. From its plush interior to the world’s largest 56″ LCD display, affectionately known as the Hyperscreen, it has all the luxury features that help it live up to the Mercedes Benz brand name.

But how does it perform in a straight line against other top-of-the-line electric sedans? The folks at carwow decided to find out.

In one corner the UK motoring publication got their hands on the base-model, single motor rear-wheel drive MB EQS 450+ (329hp). In the other corners are the Tesla Model S P100D (605hp), Porsche Taycan 4S (571hp), and Audi e-tron GT (523hp).

carwow eqs
Image via carwow /YouTube

Although it is a bit of an unfair fight since the races didn’t feature the faster, more powerful EQS 580 (dual motor, 515hp), the Mercedes was no match for the rest of the competitors. The luxury electric sedan turned out to be nothing more than a spectator as the other cars crossed the finished line far ahead of the EQS.

The only test it was able to reasonably well at was the brake test, where it beat the Model S coming to a standstill from 70mph (112km/h).

Hopefully when the EQS 580, and eventually the AMG-tuned version with a rumoured 600hp+, are available to test we see a rematch video.

Until then, you can watch the slaughtering of the EQS in the video below.

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