Porsche has begun deliveries of their base model Taycan 4S

Deliveries of Porsche’s new electric Taycan got off to a slow start, with just 130 vehicles delivered in the US in 2019. Those deliveries were all of the more expensive Turbo and Turbo S models, pricing in as much as $213,900 CAD.

Now the German automaker has begun deliveries on their base model, the Porsche Taycan 4S, which starts at a slightly more reasonable $113,900 CAD. A member of the TaycanForum, Mission4S, reports that he took delivery of his 4S last week at the Porsche factory is Stuttgart, Germany.

Today I was in Stuttgart and picked up my new Taycan 4S baby directly from where it was born at the Porsche factory. After driving home I can tell to all the other Taycan enthusiasts here in this forum: Expect nothing less than you wildest dreams come true as soon as you drive your own Taycan!

Since the release of the Taycan, it hasn’t exactly been easy sailing for the automaker. The EPA rated range of the Taycan Turbo was just 320km, well below what was expected.

Production of the Taycan EV also faced an 8-10 week delay due to production complexities.

Then there was the alleged explosion and fire involving a Porsche Taycan in a home in Florida over the weekend, resulting in significant damage to the home and a complete loss of the Taycan.

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