Car carrier full of refresh Tesla Model S vehicles spotted near Fremont

It has been nearly two months since Tesla first announced the refresh Model S and Model X. Since then several test vehicles have been spotted on roads across the U.S., but no customers have been notified to expect delivery soon.

That may change soon based on a sighting near the Fremont factory today. Regular Fremont drive-by enthusiast and the creator of Tesla Tip, @CodingMark, was able to capture several images of a car carrier loaded with five Model S vehicles, one of which had the 21″ Arachnid wheels.

According to Mark, none of the vehicles he could see had the yoke steering wheel.

Mark tells Drive Tesla he followed the truck on a road near the Fremont factory for several minutes before it entered a gated facility nearby, meaning these could just be test vehicles.

A red Model S was also recently spotted leaving Fremont on the back of a car carrier, but that example did have a yoke steering wheel. More than 30 newly built Model S vehicles were also spotted in a recent drone flyover of the factory.

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