After masked gunmen hijack Tesla Model S, they can’t figure out how to drive it away

No one has ever said criminals were the smartest bunch. If you’re going to attempt to hijack a Tesla Model S, you might want to make sure you know how to drive it away, and not have to ask the owner for help.

This happened in San Antonio Texas on Monday, where 3 masked gunmen forced the driver of a Tesla Model S out of his vehicle at gunpoint. Fortunately he was not hurt, but once laying on the ground next to his car, the hijackers couldn’t figure out how to get the Tesla moving and drive away.

In fear of getting shot, the owner helped the thieves figure it out, who then promptly drove away, not knowing that the car can be tracked via GPS using the Tesla app. Police were able to track the car, until it was ditched on the other side of town.

Unfortunately most of the thieves were able to get away, with just one possible suspect arrested.

Source: Fox San Antonio

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