Watch a Tesla Model 3 spin out after the trailer it is towing is blown over by the wind

Model 3 tow flip

The Tesla Model 3 isn’t exactly known for its towing capacity. That doesn’t mean it can’t tow, as Tesla offers a factory tow hitch for European buyers.

For a Model 3 owner in Iceland who purchased the optional accessory, he got a big scare (and a big repair bill) after towing a utility trailer in windy conditions last month.

The incident was captured on TeslaCam, showing the moment the trailer was toppled over in high winds. It is not uncommon in situations like this for the towing vehicle to tip over, but thanks to the Model 3’s hefty weight the EV spins around, smashing into the guardrail instead.

Fortunately it was a relatively quiet single lane road so no other cars were involved in the accident. The occupants of the Tesla were also unharmed according to the video description.

You can check out the full video below.

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