This video of Model 3’s crashing shows why it’s the safest car

Despite being the #1 selling electric vehicle in the world, Tesla has yet to spend a cent on advertising for their amazing vehicles. Tesla believes the cars sell themselves, and they seem to be right about that so far.

But that hasn’t stopped Tesla fans from creating their own videos to help push the Tesla brand. The latest is from Vivien Hantusch, a German designer and self-proclaimed Tesla fan. She created this ad showcasing the incredible safety features of the Tesla Model 3, which have helped it win award after award for its safety features (the latest being the IIHS Safety Award), most notably Autopilot.

Even though the video shows far too many Model 3’s being destroyed for my liking, it’s all for a good cause. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

Tesla Vehicle Safety (spec ad) from Vivien Hantusch on Vimeo.

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