Texas electricity provider giving away Tesla Model 3 to encourage customers to reduce usage

Much of Texas is experiencing record low temperatures. The frigid cold has meant increased demand on the state’s electricity grid, causing it to buckle under the pressure leaving as many as 4 million Texans without power.

To help encourage customers to reduce their usage, a retail electricity provider in the state is providing a good incentive – free electricity for a year, or a Tesla Model 3.

Customers of Pulse Power who reduce their usage by 10% during a 3-day span will be entered for their chance to win.

“We want Texans to conserve during this period of market volatility. It is important that we all chip in to reduce the stress on the grid and to keep energy bills as low as possible across Texas. It’s always good to reduce electricity usage, but it is even more important during this winter storm,” said Rob Cantrell, President of Pulse Power.

The company recommends a number of things they can do to help accomplish the goal.

  1. Keep thermostats below 68 and below 60 when not at home
  2. Wash dishes or launder clothes after 10:00 p.m. and only wash in cold water
  3. Reverse any ceiling fans to push warm air down from the ceiling
  4. Turn off lights when leaving a room
  5. Unplug appliances when not being used (like microwave, TVs, power strips, phone chargers, printers, etc.).

The increased demand on the grid has impacted current Tesla owners. With wholesale electricity rates increasing 10,000%, it can cost nearly $1,000 to charge a Tesla.

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