Tesla refunds Australian Model 3 buyers after recent price adjustment

Tesla Model 3 buyers in Australia who are waiting for their cars to be delivered will reportedly be getting some large refunds as problems at a local port delays deliveries.

In October the automaker adjusted the prices of all variants of the Model 3 in Australia, with the Standard Range Plus (SR+) dropping the most by AUD $7,000.

According to a report by The Driven, some customers who placed orders before the price drop are being contacted by Tesla through text messages to let them know they will be refunded the difference.

Some customers could get up to $12,000 back as the new lower price also means the car may not qualify for the luxury car tax in the country, and stamp duty is also reduced.

In addition to the refunds, Tesla has also reportedly informed customers they will be receiving the new refreshed Model 3, even though they ordered when it wasn’t yet available.

While the extra money and Model 3 refresh is definitely welcomed, the new owners will have to wait a while to receive their cars. Job action at the Port of Botany has caused serious backlogs, meaning some owners will have to wait an extra 2 months or more before being able to get behind the wheel of their Tesla.

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