Tesla quietly updates Model 3 keyfob

One of the signature features of the Tesla Model 3 is the ability to use your phone as your car key. Gone are the days of fumbling around looking for keys – simply walk up to the vehicle and it will recognize the phone in your pocket once you’re within range, and unlock the vehicle for you.

Despite all this, some people still preferred the good old key fob in order to lock and unlock their vehicles. The original keyfob had to be pressed or clicked in order to unlock the car, much like traditional key fobs found on ICE vehicles.

But those days are gone, with Tesla updating their Model 3 keyfob to now allow for passive entry, no more clicking it to unlock the car. According to the new product description:

No hands required. Locking and unlocking your Model 3 has never been easier. Keep your key fob in your pocket and simply pull on the door handle for easy entry. Same with the trunk. Your key fob is automatically enabled when you pair with your vehicle.

At $200, it’s a pricey piece of old technology. While appealing for its looks alone, I know I won’t be purchasing one and will continue to use my phone as my key.

Do any of our readers have the old keyfob? Will you upgrade to the new keyfob?

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