Individual replacement Aero wheel covers now available directly from Tesla

Gone are the days of seeing people posting their used 18″ Tesla Model 3 Aero covers for sale on various buy and sell sites on the internet at prices as high as $100 per aero cover.

eBay listings of Model 3 aero covers

Tesla last night quietly added to their website the ability to purchase individual replacement aero covers, and for a surprisingly reasonable price.

Available under the ‘Parts’ section of the Tesla Shop, the aero covers are priced at just $35 CAD ($25 USD) each. If you already have a set of Aero wheels, you know the details behind them, so there’s not much of a description on the website.

Tesla Model 3 Aero wheel covers description

The aero wheel covers are for more than just looks, as Tesla claims they add as much as 5% efficiency compared to when they are not installed on the wheels. This has been backed up by Car & Driver who performed a series of tests and found they increased efficiency by anywhere from 2.5% to 4.5%, depending on speed.

Check out Tesla’s website to buy your replacement aero cover.

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