Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus goes up against Dodge Hellcat in drifts, drags, and burnouts

Tesla Standard Range Plus vs Dodge Hellcat

The folks over at lowlifeduramax (you gotta get a new channel name now that you have a Tesla) are at it again with their new Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) after their first attempt at drifting the RWD electric vehicle (EV).

This time they’re putting it up against a 707hp Dodge Hellcat, and having a few drifting and burnout battles, as well as a drag race from a rolling start.

The drifting and donuts at the beginning of the video is your typical smoke and burning rubber show, so much so that the tires on the Model 3 become toast as cords from the tires begin to show after just a few minutes. The stress from the previous video and this one were just too much for the Michelin Primacy tires.

The more interesting part of the video is the rolling start drag race with the Dodge Hellcat. Stats wise, the Model 3 on paper should lose this fight every time. But can the electric torque give a slight edge to the Tesla?

The race is from a 30km/h rolling start, and because of the incredible torque the Tesla is gets the initial jump on the Hellcat. The Tesla is able to build up about a half car length lead up to 100km/hr, and then the Hellcat is able to use its top end power and reel it back in and take the lead at about 125km/hr. Not a bad showing for a SR+.

Check out the full video below.

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