Tesla Model 3 spotted testing in India ahead of official launch

Tesla Pune India
Image via @atharvakawade19 /Instagram

The story of Tesla having an official presence in India is one chapter closer to reality, after a Model 3 was spotted testing on public roads in the country earlier this week.

A metallic blue Model 3 was spotted by a number of Tesla fans in Pune, a city about two and a half hours east of India’s largest city Mumbai. The electric sedan had the unmistakable dual motor badge on the trunk, which along with the 18″ aero wheels indicates it is a Long Range variant being tested.

Earlier this year Tesla officially registered as a company in India, incorporating under the name “TESLA INDIA MOTORS AND ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED “on January 8, 2021. Since then the automaker has started looking for showroom space, eventually committing to a showroom in the Lower Parel-Worli business district, an up-scale area in Mumbai.

Tesla is also expected to open showrooms in other cities such as Delhi and Bengaluru.



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