Tesla Model 3 and Model Y get price increases in China on New Year’s Eve

Capping off a year of multiple price adjustments, Tesla has increased their prices on the Model 3 and Model Y in China on the final day of 2021.

The lesser of the two price increases went to the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Model 3.

Before today customers could buy the entry-level Model 3 for ¥255,652. That has now increased ¥10,000 (~$2,000 CAD/$1,500 USD) to ¥265,652 ($53,100 CAD/$41,700 USD)

The change was much more drastic for the RWD Model Y. The entry-level electric SUV went from ¥280,752 to ¥301,840 ($60,300 CAD/$47,300 USD), an increase of ¥21,088 (~$4,200 CAD/$3,300 USD).

This is the third price increase in less than two months for both vehicles.

In early November the RWD Model 3 was nearly ¥30,000 less expensive at ¥235,900 ($47,100 CAD/$37,000 USD).

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