Tesla launches 3rd generation Wall Charger, now with WiFi

Tesla quietly launched a new version of its popular Wall Connector yesterday with an updated design and a few new features.

The Tesla Wall Connector allows owners to have a dedicated home charging solution inside or outside their home that can charge at up to 48 amps. The charger now includes a WiFi connection, which enables over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, and also opens up the possibility of remote servicing if anything ever goes wrong.

The update also includes a new look with a tempered white faceplate (previously only black and silver were available). It still comes with an 18′ charging cable, and is compatible with the Model S, Model 3, and Model X.

If you have a Standard Range Plus (SR+), or the now discontinued Mid-Range (MR) Model 3, you’re better off to stick with the included Mobile Charger and installing a 240v outlet with a Nemo 14-50 adapter to charge your vehicle, as these versions of the Model 3 max out at 32 amps.

The new Wall Connector is available on Tesla’s website for $635 CAD.

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