Tesla drops prices of Model 3 in Japan by as much as 24%

Tesla had a busy night adjusting prices of the Model 3 and Model Y in the U.S. by as much as $2,000. Not to be left out of the party, customers in Japan have seen an even bigger price drop.

Announced by the Tesla Japan Twitter account, both the Standard Range Plus (SR+) and Long Range (LR) Model 3’s saw significant price adjustments. (h/t Sawyer Merritt)

The SR+ Model 3, previously priced at ¥5,110,000 ($61,300 CAD) now starts at ¥4,290,000 ($51,400 CAD). That represents a 16% price drop.

The LR Model 3 now starts at ¥4,990,000 ($59,800 CAD), down nearly 25% from ¥6,552,000 ($78,600 CAD).

With the price drop for the SR+ variant, the Model 3 is now cheaper than the Nissan Leaf in Japan. The Leaf e+ starts at ¥4,411,000 ($52,900 CAD).

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