Refresh to the interior of the Model 3 may be coming soon

The current Model 3 has a split folding 60/40 rear seat, but based on new information found by Tesla hacker @greentheonly, the interior of the Model 3 may soon get a refresh, including changes to the backseat.

Based on information in the source code of a new manual the hacker was able to get his hands on, the Model 3 may soon get the same rear seat configuration of the Model Y, which has a 40/20/40 folding split.

This kind of configuration is preferred to the current 60/40 split in the Model 3 as it allows you to have more variety in how you fold your rear seats.

Model 3 Owners Manual rear seat
Current Model 3 owners manual showing 60/40 rear split

It also allows you to have a passthrough down the middle of the vehicle for longer objects like ski, a snowboard, or lumber. Unfortunately it will still have that weird nub sticking out when you fold down the middle rear seat.

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It is unknown if this configuration will actually make it into the Model 3, but according to @greentheonly the source code says it is for the Model Y or the Model 3.

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