Tesla now discounting Model 3 inventory in Canada by up to $2,320

Tesla is now discounting Model 3 inventory in Canada, with discounts for the electric sedan ranging from $1,500 all the way up to $2,320 for select vehicles. The discounts in Canada come just over a week after Tesla started discounting Model 3 inventory in the US.

According to a review of the existing inventory listings across Canada by Drive Tesla, the automaker is discounting all of its Model 3 Long Range vehicles by $1,500, which at the time of publication are 24 units. These are all new vehicles with less than 10km on the odometer, and are available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec. Interestingly all of the Model 3 Long Range inventory discounts are vehicles built at Giga Shanghai, which only started arriving in the country a few weeks ago and for which deliveries should be starting very soon.

As we noted on Twitter over the weekend, Tesla has changed the wording on these vehicles from “Ready for delivery” to “Coming Soon.”

The discounts aren’t limited to Chinese made vehicles as Tesla is also discounting the Model 3 Performance, which is still coming from the Fremont factory in California. The discounts for the top of the variant are also a little more, ranging from $2,240 to $2,320 depending on the vehicle. At the time of publication there are nine Model 3 Performance vehicles available in BC, Alberta, and Ontario.

As we noted at the top of this article, Tesla first started discounting inventory vehicles in the US just over one week ago. Those discounts are still in place today, but unlike in Canada those vehicles are made in Fremont and Giga Texas. Tesla has started exporting Model 3 and Model Y vehicles from China to Canada so that it can keep all of the vehicles built in the US for US customers, as only those vehicles qualify for the US tax credit due to the rules around domestic production. Since there are no similar rules for Canada’s federal incentive, Tesla can sell their imported vehicles north of the border and they will still be eligible for the $5,000 incentive.

We still don’t know why Tesla is discounting their Model 3 inventory, now in both Canada and the US, but it could be related to the pending design refresh known as Project Highland. Trial production is expected to begin in China in the next few days, and presumably in the US soon after, putting a potential release date for the new Model 3 some time in Q3. With the discounts Tesla could be trying to sell more Model 3’s so as to not be left with a large amount of inventory when the refresh design launches.

There are also some discounts on the Model Y in Canada. As we previously reported Tesla has removed the option to order the 7-seat Model Y and is discounting existing inventory of these builds by $500. Tesla has not officially commented on the removal, but based on previous behaviour it could be that Tesla is phasing out this configuration of the electric SUV.

Will you be buying one of these discounted Model 3 sedans? Let us know in the comments below. You can check out all of the inventory listings here.

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