Goodyear airless tires get put to the test on a Tesla Model 3

After years of claims that airless tires are coming soon to a car near you, Goodyear seems closer than ever.

The tire manufacturer recently tested their airless tires on a Tesla Model 3, and it looks like they handled the extra weight of the electric sedan just fine.

In the video, shared by InsideEVs, the white Model 3 performs a series of slaloms and corners at a considerable speed. Although it is tough to tell from a video, the Model 3 does not appear out of control and is able to make its way through the course with ease.

Goodyear said that the Model 3 reached speeds of up to 55mph (88km/h) during the testing with the airless tires. The company claims in durability testing they have been able to reach speeds up to 100mph (161km/h).

The performance of these airless tires looks promising, but whether or not these prove to be a viable alternative remains to be seen. That is especially the case for EVs, which perform best with tires that have a low rolling resistance.

You can check out the full video below.

Source: InsideEVs

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