First Tesla Model 3 police car arrives in Canada, but not where you would expect it

Police forces across the U.S. are quickly embracing the shift to electric and adding Tesla vehicles to their fleet. Not only are they reducing their carbon footprint, they are also seeing huge savings.

We have yet to see a police department in Canada officially make the switch. The closest is the Peel Regional Police in Ontario who last week announced they had received a Long Range Tesla Model Y as a loaner to test its capabilities in cold Canadian winter weather.

Now we can officially say the first fully equipped Tesla Model 3 police car has arrived in Canada. In a strange twist, it actually doesn’t belong to a police force, but to former Tesla Mobile Ranger Cyril Wheeler.

Wheeler purchased a 2018 Long Range RWD Model 3 at the end of January for the project. With the help of several friends who are police officers, he modified his Model 3 to see if it would be cost effective for local forces to make the switch.

Changes include police lighting on the front, sides, and rear, sirens, and custom center console to make space for their equipment they carry on their belts.

Model 3 police car Ontario

Obviously this is not something you want to do yourself as it is illegal to impersonate a police officer. The successful proof of concept vehicle will be used to help show police forces the benefits – financially, logistically, and the improved safety of using Tesla vehicles as police cruisers.

If you are interested in having Wheeler bring his Model 3 to your police department to check out, email us at

Check out the full video below.

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