All-Weather Protection Kits now available at your local Service Center

Tesla Model 3 mud flap and splash guards 5

Canadian Tesla owners can now receive their free All-Weather Protection Kit from the automaker based on an email sent out this morning.

The All-Weather kit is being provided for free to all Canadian Tesla owners, except BC owners for an unknown reason at this time. We have reached out to Tesla for clarification as to why BC is excluded but have not received a response. We saw some pictures last week showing what the OEM mud flaps look like, but now Tesla is officially advertising them as being available for pick-up.

The kit comes with 2 mud flaps/splash guards for the front wheels only, and comes in two different sizes, short and long. You can install them yourself, or have your local Service Centre install them for you. If you want the short version installed, that will cost $26, and the longer mud flaps will cost $67 to install.

It is advisable to check with your local Service Centre if they have them in stock before heading out to pick them up.

If you don’t like the look of these stock mud flaps, and want protection from all 4 wheels, you can still purchase an aftermarket option like this set from Amazon for just $28.99.

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