You can now buy a Mobile Connector holder and cable organizer from Tesla

Tesla Mobile Connector organizer

Tesla has recently added a new charging accessory to their website for owners who use the Tesla Mobile Connector to charge their vehicles.

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The Cable Organizer features a small bracket with the Tesla logo to keep the charging cable neatly stored when not in use.

The automaker has offered a similar accessory before, but what makes this new is it also includes a chassis holder to support the Mobile Connector. The Mobile Connector itself is fairly heavy, and when plugged in and left hanging from the wall (especially if your plug installation is “upside down”) it can cause strain and additional wear and tear on the unit.

The bundle is available for purchase now, and costs $45 CAD.

The list price might seem high at first, but when you try and piece together a similar bundle with aftermarket options, you’ll be hard pressed to find a similarly priced package.

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This 3D printed chassis holder is available on Amazon for $45, shipped to Canada. If you want add the cable organizer, you can purchase this one on Amazon for a little under $30.

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