Tesla adjusts prices on its home charging products

Tesla has adjusted pricing on its home charging products, increasing prices on some and lowering prices on others. The changes apply to both when purchasing home chargers when ordering a new car, and when purchasing them through the online shop.

Mobile Connector

Prices for the Mobile Connector have increased slightly in both Canada and the US. When purchasing the Mobile Connector on the online vehicle configurator, or through the online shop, the price has increased from $315 to $345 in Canada, while in the US the price has increased from $230 to $250.

Wall Connector

Pricing for the Wall Connector is a little more complicated, because Tesla now offers two version of its popular home charger – Wall Connector and Universal Wall Connector.

Wall Connector

When purchasing a Wall Connector through the vehicle configurator, the price has been lowered from $650 to $625 in Canada, and from $475 to $450 in the US.

The Wall Connector is available in the US shop at the same price, however it has been removed from the Canadian version of the shop, leaving only the Universal Wall Connector available to purchase.

Universal Wall Connector

The Universal Wall Connector was first launched in August 2023, and as the name implies, allows you to charge any EV sold in North America with an integrated J1772 adapter.

When it launched last year it was priced at $785 in Canada and $595 in the US. Now those prices have increased to $860 and $620 in Canada and the US respectively.

Here is a summary of all the pricing changes.

CountryProductPrevious PriceNew PriceChange Amount
CanadaMobile Connector$315$345+$30
CanadaWall Connector*$650$625-$25
CanadaUniversal Wall Connector$785$860+$75
USMobile Connector$230$250+$20
USWall Connector$475$450-$25
USUniversal Wall Connector$595$620+$25
*not available through the online shop
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