A brand new Tesla just minutes old almost crashes into a store in Surrey B.C.

There was one unlucky (or lucky, depending how you look at it) new Tesla driver yesterday in Surrey, British Columbia.

The driver of the brand new black Model 3 had just taken delivery of the vehicle hours before. He was enroute to an Autoplan insurance store, when he mistook the accelerator for the brake pedal.

The resulting crash saw the Model 3 leap the curb and end up impaled on a gas line, just inches from entering a storefront. The incident did result in a small gas leak, which was contained very quickly and posed no danger to the public, according to Surrey Battalion Chief Dave Wyatt.

Fortunately the driver was not injured, except for maybe a blow to their self-esteem. Since he was on his way to an Autoplan insurance store, we can only hope he had the appropriate insurance in place before the crash.

Hopefully the firefighters in Surrey have taken similar training to the ones in New Brunswick, and knew how to handle this situation with an electric vehicle.

Photo by Dal Hothi
h/t [MissionCityRecord]

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