Tesla Solar and Powerwalls to be installed at Affinor Growers’ vertical farming operations in Vancouver

Affinor Growers has selected Tesla to provide alternative energy solutions for its vertical farming operations in Vancouver, British Columbia.

To help offset electrical consumption and lower its operating costs, the company plans to install Tesla solar panels at its 15,000 square foot greenhouse in Abbotsford, about one hour outside Vancouver.

Tesla Powerwalls will also be installed to store and provide electricity at the greenhouse. The battery storage systems will provide continuous power to the facility’s irrigation system, reducing the risk of crop loss in the event of a power outage.

“This vision of sustainability through combined technology is an honor to be part of. Our Abbotsford operation is the culmination of decades of research and technology development. I believe we are finally getting to the core and addressing the true economics required for sustainable, automated, mass production of food and plants,” said Affnior Growers CEO Nick Brusatore.

The vertical farming operation inside the greenhouse is scheduled to produce lettuce and strawberries this summer. Affinor is also waiting to receive a license for cannabis micro cultivation in a small section of the greenhouse.

The partnership between the two companies seems like a perfect match. Affinor’s mission is to serve the world with quality, sustainable agricultural technology and growing processes.

Terrateck Energy Solutions, British Columbia’s only Tesla approved supplier, will be installing the Tesla Energy products in Abbotsford. The installation of the solar array has already begun, as seen in the tweet below by Brustatore with his Model Y in the foreground.

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