Tesla says gas generators no longer make sense in Australia as battery storage systems become cheaper and smarter

Tesla Inc. Powerpack Units At The Southern California Edison Mira Loma Substation
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In a submission to the Australian Energy Operator’s 2022 Integrated System Plan, Tesla noted that gas generators are “no longer rational” as battery storage systems become cheaper and smarter.

Tesla described their battery technology as the new ‘clean peaker’ and outlined its superior flexibility and multiple grid service operations.

Tesla also detailed their Megapack’s ability to deliver longer duration storage in case of substantial outages.

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As per the submission, Tesla disagreed with the Australian Energy Operator’s forecast. This forecast included a need for 9GW of gas peaking plants, according to a report by Renew Economy.

However, when compared to fossil fuels, Tesla battery technology is cheaper and faster.

As per the submission, Tesla showcases how battery technology is a better solution for Australia than fossil fuel generators.

Tesla wants the Australian Energy Operator to take great stock of the capabilities of grid forming inverters as it would allow batteries to take over the service provided by fossil fuel generators.

Tesla also seeks to dismiss the claims that battery storage is only suitable for two or four-hour durations.

As per Tesla’s data, batteries are modular and complementary and can be aligned to provide however much power is needed.

For instance, a operator could deploy two independent 2-hour systems to provide 4 hours of power.

Although this might be an uphill fight, Tesla hopes that Australian regulators will reverse course, and consider cleaner and more efficient systems in their plan.

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Source: Renew Economy

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