Tesla China hits 100 Supercharger station mark in Beijing

Tesla China revealed that the company had hit yet another Supercharger milestone in the country this year.

As of yesterday, Tesla China now has 100 Supercharger stations open in the city, offering Tesla owners access to 890 rapid-charging piles.

In addition, Tesla China has 32 destination charging stations with 110 piles in the city.

Tesla China now has over 1,200 Supercharger stations on the mainland, with almost 9,000 individual charging stations.

The company also has over 700 destination chargers now installed with a further 1,800 charging piles.

As reported by Beijing Daily and Teslarati, Tesla China celebrated the milestone even with a T-talk event.

Tesla China’s Head of Supercharger Network Development and Operations, Zhang Lina, headlined the event.

Interestingly, Lina did confirm that Tesla would likely open its Supercharger network to other EV brands.

However, the company is still conducting compatibility tests with other EVs.

If Tesla China does decide to go that way, they will join several EV companies doing the same thing.

For instance, NIO has kept its EV charging network open to other EVs since it was introduced, and the company plans to continue.

Not only does it help add to the growing list of available EV chargers in the country, and provides an increased revenue stream to the company.

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