Curious project “Giga Water Loop” by Tesla surfaces

Tesla is in love with the word “Giga” and is adding it to a mysterious thing in the works. Thanks to a new building permit it has been revealed that Tesla is building something to be named “Giga Water Loop.”

The project was referenced in the new building permit application submitted by Tesla. However, the document does not include details about the project itself, Electrek reports.

“This is a Tesla project called Giga Water Loop. There is an Austin Energy electric pole with a guy wire going into the ground very close to our proposed pipe on the North Side of the River (see attached updated sheet). We request Austin Energy’s assistance on either holding the electric pole during construction or temporarily relocating the guy wire during construction.”

Tesla lists the project as planned for 13101 Tesla Rd. Speculations are that it could be a water recycling facility for battery production.

However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had earlier mentioned an interesting project, which he said would include a boardwalk, hiking and biking trails, and access to a stream. It was a project to turn Tesla’s Giga Texas campus into an ecological paradise that would be open to the public.

Tesla has been on continuous expansion and now operates factories in the US, China, and Germany. It is constructing another factory in Mexico.

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