Watch the Tesla Cybertruck roll through New York and Texas in new video

Other than the sighting we reported on yesterday, two of the most recent public outings for the first Cybertruck prototype have been in New York and Texas.

Tesla has now put a new promotional video together highlighting some of the electric truck’s adventures during those trips.

First spotted by The Kilowatts at a Tesla store in New York, the video kicks off with the Cybertruck driving across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

We also get a glimpse of the future as the Cybertruck rolls through what is likely Central Park with large trees and lush green lawns.

Cybertruck nieghbourhood
Image via @harsimranbansal /Twitter

The video then shifts to Texas where see the Cybertruck ripping through a vast open field before entering the unfinished interior and muddy roads of Giga Texas.

Cybertruck grass
Image via @harsimranbansal /Twitter

Unfortunately the video hasn’t yet been published to Tesla’s social media accounts, but hopefully it will soon. Until that happens Drive Tesla reader Harsimran Bansal was able to record this video of it playing at the Tesla Showroom inside the Yorkdale Mall in Ontario.

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