Watch the Tesla Cyberquad ATV quietly roll across the stage in LA

Tesla Cyberquad ATV

Last month Tesla CEO Elon Musk had ‘one more thing’ up his sleeve after unveiling the Cybertruck. We didn’t get any information on it that night, and barely got to see it during the presentation, but this video from after the event shows just how quiet the Cyberquad really is.

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Many people after the unveiling thought that based on the ATV seen on the stage, Tesla hadn’t really designed their own ATV, but instead had simply copied the Yamaha Raptor ATV. In this video, we can clearly see Tesla put some serious work to create their own Cyberquad.

Like all Tesla vehicles, it didn’t need to be started up, and after the Tesla employee gets on, it simply starts silently moving across the stage. It’s so quiet in fact, you can’t hear anything except people talking in the background.

It will be interesting to finally get some specs on the Cyberquad, like battery size and expected range. So far the only details revealed by Musk is that it will be offered as an option to Cybertruck purchasers in 2021.

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