Tesla trademarks “CYBRTRK” before next week’s unveiling

Cybrtrk logo

We learned from Tesla CEO Elon Musk last week the highly anticipated Tesla pick-up truck would be unveiled on November 21st from a location near the Space-X rocket factory. On the same day of the Musk announcement, Tesla filed a trademark for what appears to be the trucks new name.

The trademark for “CYBRTRK” was filed by Tesla on November 6, and included the logo you see above. It was first spotted by Jonathan Drake on Twitter, who also discovered the URL cybrtrk.com redirects to Tesla’s website.

It is unknown at this point who the unique spelling and font used in the trademarked name will make it into the final production vehicle. What does seem likely is that the truck will live up to the hype around its design, given the unique logo we see here.

Cybrtrk filing

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