Elon Musk tours Cybertruck production line at Giga Texas as more testing performed at Fremont track [Video]

Elon Musk has revealed Cybertruck production is closer to reality than many may think. The CEO shared on Twitter a production line for the electric truck has already been set up inside Giga Texas. Just a few hours before Musk’s tweet a Cybertruck was spotted doing laps around Fremont’s test track, again hinting the automaker is nearing the finish line when it comes to finally launching the Cybertruck.

In a late-night tweet on Saturday Musk said he visited Giga Texas earlier in the day and toured the “whole” Cybertruck production line, explaining that it took him several hours to do so.

Installing and setting up a production line for a vehicle is not small feat, but even more so when you consider how unique the Cybertruck is in its design that have required Tesla to come up with entirely new methods to put it together. The fact that crews at Giga Texas have installed enough equipment for Musk’s walk to take several hours is a good sign that production is close to starting and on track to kick off this summer.

Showing just how close they are to starting production, a Cybertruck was spotted doing laps around Fremont’s test track on Saturday as well. Captured in a drone flyover by Chile Al100, the Cybertruck can be seen alongside several other Tesla vehicles, including an original Roadster.

This particular Cybertruck looks just like the ones that have been spotted on public roads around Tesla’s new Engineering headquarters over the last few weeks. The Gigawiper is still present, so it looks like unless Tesla pulls off a big switch in the next couple of months, this is the production version of the front wiper.

One thing we do get to see another glimpse of is the rear-wheel steering, which is expected to be standard on all variants of the Cybertruck.

While Tesla is seemingly getting very close to production, we still don’t know which variants will be available to purchase, and more importantly at what price. The Cybertruck was first unveiled in November 2019, at which time Tesla said it was going to release a single motor ($39,990), dual motor ($49,990), and tri motor ($59,990) variants. Tesla later removed those prices, and the variants from its website, with Musk saying that initial production will be a new quad motor variant.

You can watch the full 33-minute video below.

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