Tesla patent filing shows off Cybertruck UI in impressive detail

Cybertruck UI charging
Image via US Patent Office

Last month we got our first glimpse of the Cybertruck user interface (UI) when Tesla’s former Head of UI Design left the company and mistakenly posted videos of the UI to his new company’s website.

In a new patent filed on November 20, 2020 and published today titled “Context Sensitive User Interface For Enhanced Vehicle Operation”, we get an even more in-depth look at the UI (h/t AftermarketEV).

We also get to see some interesting features that may come with the Cybertruck.

Cybertruck UI

The patent filing is filled with various images of the UI. In one we get a detailed look at the camp kitchen, which has been seen previously in promotional images of the Cybertruck.

What we get to see that is new is Cybertruck owners will be able to control the stove top from the in-car display. There will be a description of what is being cooked, a timer, a temperature monitor, as well as a button to turn the stove top off.

Cybertruck camp kitchen
Image via US Patent Office

In another we see that you will be able to monitor the vehicle’s pitch and roll as you go off-roading, with multiple camera views of your surroundings. There will also be a dashboard showing the date and time, upcoming calendar events, local weather, and even news snippets.

There is even a “Store” tab that hints there might be an app store coming soon.

Cybertruck UI
Image via US Patent Office
Cybertruck UI weather
Image via US Patent Office

The electric truck will come with a massive 14,000lb towing capacity. According to the patent the Cybertruck will be able to use its sensors and cameras to easily help hook up your trailer.

Cybertruck UI towing
Image via US Patent Office

You can check more of the images at the full patent filing here.

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