Tesla Cybertruck steel supplier revealed, set to open massive Texas facility by fall 2021

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the futuristic looking Cybertruck to the world last fall, one of its most unique features was the ‘ultra-hard 30X Cold-rolled stainless steel exoskeleton’.

Earlier this year Musk revealed the Cybertruck and its stainless steel body will be built at Giga Texas, which is currently under construction and set to open by mid-2021.

We are now learning who will be providing all that steel for the Cybertruck. Reports coming out of Texas are indicating that Steel Dynamics Inc. (STI) has been chosen as the lucky supplier.

San Patricio County Judge David Krebs revealed the news in an interview with 3News.

“Now some of these other companies who work with STI will actually be taking STI’s product and refining it a little bit better we’re hearing that one of the companies that were pretty close to probably getting close is a company that’s going to be taking STI steel redoing it and that Steele will actually be going into the Tesla cars that they’re moving in from California to manufacture here.”

STI is currently building a $1.7 BN facility on a massive 2400-acre in Sinton, Texas, just 3 hours away from the new Gigafactory. The faclitly, which is scheduled to being operations next fall, is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the local area.

Late last year Tesla updated the timelines for deliveries of the Cybertruck. Due to high reservation numbers for the dual and tri motor variants, production was moved forward one year to late 2021. Conversely, low reservation numbers meant the single motor was pushed back to late 2022.

You can watch the full interview below.

h/t: Teslarati

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