Tesla Cybertruck gets size comparison next to Model S and Model X at Fremont test track [Video]

The latest build of the Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted at the Fremont factory test track on Monday.

This time it was parked between a Model S and a Model Y, giving us our best comparison yet to see just how big the electric pickup truck is.

The footage shows a single engineer working at the rear of the truck. Interestingly, this prototype has the retractable cargo cover, unlike the previous prototype spotted at Fremont and Giga Texas.

More importantly though is that it was parked between a Model S and Model X, giving us a good idea of the Cybertruck’s length and height.

According to Tesla, the Model S is 4,970 mm long, and the Cybertruck definitely exceeds that by a fair margin.

Unfortunately it looks like the drone operator didn’t really notice the Cybertruck during the flight, or simply chose not to spend extra time filming it.

We do however get a look from the side, showing the peak of the Cybertruck roof appears to be well above the roof height of the Model X, which is listed as 1,684 mm.

You can watch the full drone flyover below. The Cybertruck appears at the beginning of the clip.

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