Half-baked Tesla Cybertruck replica goes off-road

Has there ever been a car or truck that has led to enthusiasts around the world attempting to build as many replicas as we have seen with the Tesla Cybertruck.

The most recent came from Croatia, where a fan’s conversion even included a realistic looking interior to match the remarkably accurate looking exterior.

We now have another replica from the complete other side of the spectrum, with this project from Russia not yet including windows, a roof, or even a complete floor to the truck.

The “Cybertruck” was built by Constrictor Motorsports out of Voronezh, Russia and based on a Toyota Tundra frame, reports FormaCar.

In order to match the initial specifications of the Cybertruck, the frame of the Tundra was stretched an extra 10cm (4in). Unlike the real thing, a 5.7l V8 still lives under the hood, good for 381hp and 400lb-ft of torque.

According to the creators of the truck, the project has so far cost about $34,000 USD ($44,700CAD) up to this point. They do plan on finishing the truck and including some basic parts like door handles and windows.

Based on what we can see so far, it might actually look pretty good once they actually get it finished.

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