Someone finally performed a Ford F-150 vs Tesla tug-of-war, but not with a Cybertruck

Ford vs Tesla

When Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck to the world, he showed a short video clip of a tug-of-war between it and a Ford F-150. The Cybertruck easily won that battle, pulling the F-150 uphill, but upon closer inspection it was revealed it might not have been a fair contest, as the Ford was a RWD. Ford then challenged Tesla to a “real” tug-of-war, but later backed out of the challenge.

Now someone has finally performed a tug-of-war with a Tesla Model X P100D going up against a Ford F-150 4×4, tuned to around 600hp. The 0-60 specs of the P100D are the same as the tri motor version of the Cybertruck, with both clocking in at just 2.9s. The towing capacity of the P100D is much lower though at just 5,000lbs, compared to the Cybertruck at 14,000lbs, indicating much more torque than the Model X. When it comes to horsepower versus torque and towing, torque lets you do the work, but horsepower lets you do the work quickly.

Given no one except Musk has access to the prototype Cybertruck right now, this is as close of a comparison as we’re going to get. Check out the results below.

Still up for that challenge Ford?

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