How the Tesla Cybertruck will rock traditional industries

Cybertruck track

Now that (almost) everyone has calmed down about the radical design of the Tesla Cybertruck, more details are emerging about the truck that show just how disruptive it will be to traditional automotive industries.

Let’s start with probably the most talked about part of the evening, the failed Armor Glass demo. While it did fail during the live event, Tesla still has at least 2 years to perfect the design to make sure it is just as tough as they say it should be.And when they do get it just right, say goodbye to rock chips. The automotive glass repair industry will be in for a rude awakening.

glass breaks

Just before they accidentaly broke the glass, Franz also took a sledgehammer to the drivers door to show just how tough cold rolled stainless steel is – there wasn’t a dent or scratch to be seen. Say goodbye to door dings and damage from minor fender benders. Scratches can be easily buffed out with a heavy duty ScotchBrite pad, just ask any DeLorean owner, like Ryan McCaffrey. And since there’s no paint, no need for touch-up paint. The automotive repair industry will be in for a rude awakening.

Sledgehammer 2

And then of course there’s the combined effect just these two small things will have on the insurance industry. Gone will be the sometimes surprisingly expensive claims for keying and fender benders. No more windshield replacements for what look to be minor rock chips that will one day grow to be huge ones. No more vandalism claims. I could go on. All of this should lead to reduced insurance rates for the Cybertruck.

But we all know what will happen – rates will rise because they’ll need to take in more money to cover the losses as a result of all of the things above. That’s why we need Tesla Insurance in more parts of the world than just California. Hopefully by 2022 when the Cybertruck begins deliveries, there will be a lot more markets with Tesla Insurance available.

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